Stuff You Should Know

Thanks to Josh and Chuck for mentioning Lustir on the Stuff You Should Know Podcast.

“Ben Flor sent us his reusable carbon fiber drinking straws. This is very cool. Plastic straws are a very cause du jour. People should stop using them as much as possible. I saw a little stat the other day that said, “They take 10 minutes to make, 20 minutes to use, and stay in the environment for forever.” Ben has a company called Lustir where he makes these carbon fiber drinking straws. They come in a little carrying case that you can just throw in your car or purse. And if you like to drink out of straws then you can carry it around and bring your own straw and say, “No thank you. I have my own straw.” It would be like medieval times where everybody had to walk around with their own spoon. And if you lost your spoon, you starve to death.”

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Betsy Fischman